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Will you be ready?

Jerry Palmieri doesn’t wear a headset.

But he does have the ear of the Super Bowl 46 Champion NY Giants.

He is the Strength and Conditioning Coach. He gets the players ready to win through countless hours of work BEFORE the season even starts.

“It is thrilling to work with the caliber of athlete I have the privilege of training,” said Coach Palmieri.

“Our team as a whole is a hard-working team.”

When asked how he motivates young draft picks to put the necessary time into preparing, Coach Palmieri says the young guys want to be successful too. Therefore they watch how the older guys to see how it is done.

“No one wants to go back home to their family and friends a NFL bust,” he said.

Although the Head Coach Tom Coughlin and General Manager Jerry Reese look hard for guys with good character, sometimes draft picks arrive without a good work ethic. “Even though a good start is important, just because you start off wrong doesn’t mean you have to finish wrong. We encourage them to move forward."

“My job is to help each one of my guys reach their potential, and that is often further than they think they can go. I think God has called me to this profession and I want to be the best at it,” said Coach Palmieri.

Their new rings are a testament to both his dedication and the commitment of his players to be ready for the challenge of life in the NFL.

The Commitment of Life Athletes

Virtues are character strengths that help us achieve our goals. The goal in professional football is to win the Super Bowl.

The goal in life is to have good relationships. They are the key to our happiness. Winning a Super Bowl is great, but good relationships are better.

There will be a new champion next year - only love lasts forever. We believe the Life Athletes Commitment gives us the best shot at meeting the challenges of life successfully.

A word from the late owner of the New York Giants Wellington Mara

Leadership comes in many forms. We see it most commonly from coaches calling plays and giving pep talks.

Although he was a very modest man, the late owner of the New York Giants was a very strong leader.

He did not call attention to himself by demanding attention. Rather he received attention because people respected his integrity.

As the father of 10 children and well over 35 grandchildren he and his wife Ann knew how to lead a team.

They also supported Life Athletes and our mission.

                          to listen to what he had to say about it.

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