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"Love one another- as I have loved you." 1+1=3 

The love between a man and woman united in marriage is a remarkable image of God in the world.

When a man and woman freely united themselves in marriage they witness God’s total and faithful love for us. This is the meaning of marriage at its deepest level of reality.

God made man in His image; he made them both male and female. They are equal in dignity but complementary in their differences. Together they become more than just the sum of their parts. In other words, they are more than just 1+1=2. They are 1+1=3, or even more. The love between spouses is life giving, just as the relationship within the Holy Trinity is life-giving.

Marriage is sometimes called an “institution” created by God. It is the foundation of social life, because upon it families and societies are built. The world goes by way of the family and the family goes by the way of marriage. Nevertheless it remains up to us to choose to live according to this reality. That is why its been said that everything depends upon who man will be for woman and who woman will be for man.

Life Athletes Rebecca Lobo and Trot Nixon shared their thoughts about their careers and parenthood in our DVD Know Yourself. What similarities do you see? What differences? Are these differences contradictory or complementary? From a child’s point of view, is one better than another, or are they both desirable?

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