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"Life Athletes is a creative, imaginative and exciting program to reach our young. It is steeped in Catholic tradition and provides a very practical guide to understand the faith and to live a morally good life. It highlights the virtues as a way to become a well-integrated individual and as a way to build genuine Christian commitment."
Most Rev. Arthur J. Serratelli
Bishop of Patterson
Chairman, USCCB Committee on Doctrine

"It has been my privilege to know Chris Godfrey for many years and to witness the development of Life Athletes. I am pleased to endorse his mission. Chris and all who work with him are dedicated to helping our young people appreciate their God-given dignity and recognize the good that comes from respecting themselves and others.
The Life Athletes Commitment provides a road map for navigating adolescence and young adulthood, challenging young people to strive for the best in their own lives and to encourage others to do the same. In the midst of a culture that accords the highest values to individualism and gratification, Life Athletes is a sign of hope for our most precious resource, our youth.
We are proud to have assisted with the development of the See I Make All Things New chastity curriculum. I encourage all who care about the moral development of our young people and their learning how to engage healthy, appropriate relationships to utilize the Life Athletes curriculum, which I have directed to be implemented in the schools and parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Boston."
Sean Cardinal O'Malley
Archbishop of Boston

"That's Where I Live®: A Guide to Good Relationships is a program endorsed by Cardinal Edward Egan. I applaud its use in our schools and religious education programs as an effective tool for teaching the Human Growth, Sexuality and Morality components of the Archdiocesan Guidelines for Catechesis."
Dr. Catherine Hickey
Secretary of Education
Archdiocese of New York

"I am grateful to Chris Godfrey and Life Athletes for this commitment to our young people. The Life Athletes curriculum has been a tremendous contribution to the religious education efforts in our archdiocesan high schools."
Rev. Mitchell S. Doyen
Associate Superintendent of Secondary Education
Archdiocese of St. Louis

"This program is well-researched, beautifully written and organized. It would be extremely valuable to any teacher who may be hesitant or uncertain as to how to present, or where to begin in teaching respect life issues."
Mary Anne Szigethy, Teacher
"...novel and terrifically compelling."
Catholic Educator's Resource Center

"That's Where I Live® addresses so cogently the problems and challenges of growing up in what is fast becoming a God-less society, I am glad so many of my grandchildren will now have the opportunity of studying it. Similarly I regret that neither my generation nor that of my children had the same advantage. I am happy to join you Where You Live."
Wellington T. Mara
President and Owner
New York Football Giants

"I wish I had something like this when I was younger."
Mark Bavaro, NFL

"I am grateful to Life Athletes for their loving commitment to truth, and for helping me take a stand."
Patty Jordan, LPGA

"This would have helped me deal with girls and the social scene better."
Charles Way, NFL

"Dating is not easy for any girl. It is hard to know how to address the pressures from boys, especially concerning abstinence. I wish I had a group like Life Athletes to help me along the way."
Rebecca Lobo, WNBA

"Life Athletes curriculum is perfect for helping us to have good relationships with God and others."
Tom Carter, NFL

"This curriculum is not only spiritual, it is also very practical. It addresses some very important issues."
Sheila Taormina, Olympic swimmer

"Thank you so much for coming. You really opened up my eyes."
Nicole, student

"I had such a great time. Thanks so much, I learned a lot."
Michelle, student
"Thanks for the God talks. You really opened my eyes on life and relationships."
Erich, student
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