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About Life Athletes

Welcome to where we live. Here we are committed to what is most important to us. Not in a selfish way, but in a heroic way, because our commitment benefits others too. Nor is our commitment made thoughtlessly. We firmly believe that the relationships between men and women stand at the center of everything that is most important, namely - love, life, marriage, family, and even heaven itself. It is also necessary for world peace.

Therefore we have decided to protect these values by living lives of virtue, abstinence (chastity), and respect for life. This website and our Resources will help explain the reasons for our commitment. We hope it will help you make a good decision for yourself. 

Meet the President of Life Athletes, Chris Godfrey





Welcome to Life Athletes. Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself where you live? What I mean is have you taken the time to think about who you are, where you are going, and what is really important to you and why?

These are huge questions, and their answers are extremely important to your happiness. You have to decide these things for yourself. No one can do it for you. We hope to help you make a good decision.



Chris Godfrey is the President and Founder of Life Athletes®, Inc. and a member of the Indiana Bar. Prior to graduating from the University of Notre Dame Law School, Chris played nine years of professional football. As the starting right guard for the Super Bowl XXI champion New York Giants, he earned honors as All-Pro NFL Films, and All-NFC (AP, UPI). He also played on three University of Michigan Rose Bowl teams. Chris is the author of the popular curriculums That's Where I Live® - A Guide to Good Relationship, Mike and Will's Not-So-Excellent Adventure, As in a Mirror, and the See I Make All Things New series.

Chris speaks at schools and forums across the nation and has appeared in various media. A frequent contributor to the NCEA, he is president of the St. Joseph's High School Board of Education, and resides in South Bend, Indiana with his wife and six children.

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