All Eyes on the Prize!


Retirement is a relative term. Looked at from a career perspective it may seem like the end of life, but would you think Tom Brady’s life is over? He may be the oldest quarterback in the NFL but he is still young by other standards.  


So too with the elderly. They may be near the end of their natural lifespans, but for those who have been baptized into Christ, they will live with Jesus Christ for all eternity. That is something to smile about! So have an athlete’s discipline and keep your focus on the prize – good relationships with God and one another.


 Life Athletes® Commitment

I will try to do what is right even when it is difficult.

I will give myself only to the special person whom I marry as my partner for life.

I will respect the lives of others, especially the unborn and the aged.


I will not quit or make excuses when I fail. I will try again.


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