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Take Responsibility

Our decisions matter. To matter is to be significant, or as the dictionary says, “something that is being done, talked about, or thought about.” This applies directly to us. We are being “talked about” and “thought about” by those who love us. We are continually in God’s thoughts and to the degree we let him, we are also something that is “being done” too. In other words, our characters are works in progress.
One virtue in shocking short supply is responsibility. It seems that people can say or do anything they want without being accountable for their choices. This is really, really discouraging to see.
It been said that tired people have no rules. They simply have no energy left to take responsibility for their lives, and even less for taking responsibility for the society in which they live. It seems their last bit of energy is devoted to making excuses. These excuses are often disguised as virtues. But it is never compassionate or fair to agree with evil. It is simply a false prudence looking for an easy way out. And it is often exposed as such by the consequences it produces.
Life Athletes has chosen to emphasize taking responsibility for the unborn and the aged because the lives of ALL people matter. This responsibility lies primarily within families, and that is why families must be protected and strengthened.  And this begins with men and women whose faithfulness in marriage testifies to the dignity of each other and to its members. If these lessons are not learned here first, their absence will be bitterly missed later.
We believe the Life Athletes Commitment is an important step in taking responsibility.

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