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There is no greater purpose in life than being in a good relationship with God and others. Everything good follows from them. It is sometimes difficult, but it is worth the effort.

We thank the following Life Athletes for their good example, even though we may sometimes feel alone when we do the right thing, the truth is that we are not.

Here are also some of their athletic affiliations:

Ladies Professional Golf Association

Major League Baseball

Major League Soccer

National Basketball Association

National Football League 

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Olympic Commitee (International)

Olympic Commitee (USA)

Women's National Basketball Association



Arnold Ale, Football, Chiefs
Brent Alexander - New York Giants
Harold Alexander, Football, Chiefs
Jordan Armour, Football, Cincinatti Bengals
Now Allah-Jones, Football, Pace Univ.
John Alt, Football, Chiefs
Thomas Alva, Soccer Dallas Burn, Trainer
Jose Alvarez, Baseball, Braves

Darren Anderson, Football, Chiefs
Bill Ard, Football, Giants
Howard Ballard, Football, Seahawks
Sal Bando, Baseball, Brewers
Jeff Bargiel, Football, Pace Univ.
Bill Bates, Football, Cowboys
D'Wayne Bates, Football, Bears
Mark Bavaro, Football, Giants

Don Beebe, Football, Packers
John Beeler, Football, Notre Dame
Taylor Bendel, Swimming, Univ. of Michigan
Lou Benfatti, Football, Jets
Bertrand Berry, Football, Colts
Dann Bilardello, Baseball
Jenny Birkner, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Brian Blick, Football, Navy

Alana Davis Blunt, Track & Field, University of Michigan
Tim Bogar, Baseball, Astros

Tony Bouie, Football, Buccaneers
Amanda Borden, Olympic Gymnast, USA Gold Medalist
Kent Bottenfield, Baseball, Cardinals
Scott Bovenkerk, Football, Washington High School
Brian Boulac, Asst. Athletic Director, Notre Dame
Mark Boyer, Football, Jets
Denise Boylan, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Shawn Boylan, Football, Pace Univ.

Kyle Brady, Football, Jaguars
Dave Bratton, Football, Chaplain
Derrick Brooks, Football, Buccaneers
Tom Brosnan, Football, Pace Univ.
Aaron Broten, Hockey, Penguins
Debbie Brown, Volleyball, Coach, Notre Dame
Corwin Brown, Football, Jets
Doug Brown, Hockey, Red Wings

Mkristo Bruce, Football, Jaguars DE
Mark Brunell, Football, Saints
Alundis Bryce, Football, Cowboys
John Burdon, Football, Northwestern Univ.
Aaron Burell, Football
Jeffrey Burris, Football, Cinncinatti Bengals
John Burrough, Football, Vikings
Jim Burt, Football, Giants
Jesse Campbell, Football, Giants

Bill Carson M.D., Football, Team Doctor, Buccaneers
Gary Carter, Baseball, Mets
Tom Carter III, Football, Bengals
Tony Ceglio, Football, Giants, Today TV
Frank Cerminello, Football, Pace Univ.
Bob Christian, Football, Falcons
Lance Clelland, Football, Northwestern Univ.
Ron Coder, Football

Lee Corder, Football, Redskins, Chaplain

Paul Coffman, Football, Packers

Julie Cole, Golf
Monte Coleman, Football, Redskins
Pat Combs, Baseball, Brewers
Greg Comella, Football, Houston Texans
Dan Copeland, Football, Redskins
Horace Copeland, Football, Buccaneers
Lee Corder, Football, Redskins, Chaplain

Terry Cousin, Football, Chicago Bears
Bob Crable, Football, Jets
Tanya Crevier, Basketball
Jeff Criswell, Football, Chiefs
Howard Cross, Football, Giants
Billy Davis, Football, Cowboys
Storm Davis, Baseball, Tigers
Doug Dawson, Football, Browns

Walt Day, Football, Patriots, Chaplain
James Dearth, Football, Jets
Maire Dempsey, Basketball, St. Mary’s College
Burnell Dent, Football
Trent Dilfer, Football, Buccaneers
Wendy Doolan, LPGA Tour player
Mitch Donahue, Football
Maurice Douglas, Football, Giants
Charles Drake, Football, New York Giants

Cathy Duggan, Golf
Tony Dungy, Football, Buccaneers, Coach
Mike Easler, Baseball
Pat Eilers, Football Bears
Cal Eldred, Baseball Brewers
Keith Elias, Football Giants
Henry Ellard, Football Redskins
Gerell Elliot, Soccer, Dallas Burn

Lin Elliott, Football, Chiefs
Norm Evans, Football, Dolphins
Darcy Ewing, Motor Sports
Denis Fahey, Football, Iona College, Coach
Stephanie Farwig, Golf
Jay Feely - New York Giants
John Fiore, Football, Pace Univ.
Harry Flaherty, Football

Edrick Floreal, Olympic Track & Field, Canada
La Vonna Martin-Floreal, Olympic Track & Field, USA Silver Medalist
Joanne Foreman, Golf
Paul Frase, Football, Jaguars
Ron Freeman, Football, Chiefs
Rich Gannon, Football, Chiefs
Isaiah Gardner, Football, Jaguars CB
Dan Garret, Football, Montclair State
Matthew Gay, Football, Chiefs

Scott Gaylon, Football, Giants
Joe Gibbs, Football, Redskins, Coach
Sean Gilbert, Football, Panthers
Doug Gilcrease, Football, Buccaneers, Chaplain
LaVar Glover, Football, Cincinatti Bengals
Chris Godfrey, Football, Giants
Mary Grace Godfrey, Swimming, University of Michigan
Paul Grafer, Soccer, L.I. Rough Riders
Scott Gragg, Football, Giants

Kent Graham, Football, Giants
Stephen Grant, Football, Colts
Chris Gray, Football, Northwestern Univ.
A.C.Green , Basketball, Miami Heat
Will Greenberg, Football, Pace Univ.
Cornelius Griffin, Football, Giants
Rich Griffith, Football, Jaguars
Paul Gruber, Football, Buccaneers

Kathy Guadagnino, Golf
Rachel Gustin, Swimming, Univ. of Michigan
Tyrone Gutch, Football, Northwestern Univ.
Ryan Hale, Football, Giants
Darryl Hall, Football, Broncos
Brian Hansen, Football, Jets
Jason Hanson, Football, Lions
Tracy Hanson, LPGA Tour Player

Bruce Harper, Football, Jets
Jackie Harris, Football, Buccaneers
Nick Harris, Football, Cincinatti Bengals
Robert Harris, Football, Giants
Walt Harris, Football, Bears
Brian Haynes, Soccer, Dallas Burn
Adam Hayward, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bobby Hebert, Football, Falcons

Andy Heck, Football, Redskins
Dale Hellestrae, Football, Cowboys
William Henderson, Football, Packers
Steve Hendricks, Volleyball, Coach, Notre Dame
Jimmy Herndon, Football, Bears
Chad Hennings, Football, Cowboys
Tom Herr, Baseball, Phillies
Brian Haynes, Soccer, Dallas Burn

Jimmy Hitchcock, Football, Patriots
Johnny Holland, Football, Packers
Bernard Holsey, Football, Giants
Mike Horan, Football, Giants
Jeff Hostetler, Football, Giants
Mark Householder, Football, Chaplain
Steve Howe, Baseball
John Hudson, Football, Jets

Tim Hulett, Baseball
Greg Huntington, Football, Bears
Michael Husted, Football, Buccaneers
Keith Isza, Football, Pace Univ.
Jermaine Jackson, Football, Montclair State
Joe Jacoby, Football, Redskins
George Jamison, Football, Lions
Ned Jarrett, Motor Sports


Garth Jax, Football, Cardinals
Ligorias Jennings, Football, Cincinatti Bengals
Anthony Johnson, Football, Panthers
Lisa Marie Johnson, Tennis, University of Jacksonville
Mark Johnson, Hockey, USA, Gold Medalist
Ken Johnson, Football, Chiefs, Chaplain
Ron Johnson, Football, Giants
Tim Johnson, Football, Redskins
Troy Johnson, Football, Bengals
Brent Jones, Football, 49ers
Donald Jones, Football, Vikings
Patty Jordan, Golf
Jeff Kaiser, Baseball
Lewis Kelly - New York Giants
Reginald Kelly, Football, Cincinatti Bengals
Mark Kelso, Football, Bills
Jeff Kemp, Football, Seahawks
Bill Kenney, Football, Chiefs
Betsy King, Golf
Mike Kingery, Baseball, Rockies
Jon Kitna, Football, Detroit Lions
Bernie Kosar, Football, Browns

Jason Kreis, Soccer, Dallas Burn
Ray Krumdiek, Football, Pace Univ.
Jeff Kunkel, Baseball, Stars
Steve Largent, Football, Seahawks
Harper LeBel, Football, Falcons
Larry Lilja, Football, Coach, Northwestern Univ.

March For Life
George Lilja, Football, Rams
Siew-Ai Lim, Golf
Rebecca Lobo, Basketball, NY Liberty
Keith Lockhart, Baseball, Braves
Skip E. Lockwood, Baseball
Marc Logan, Football, Redskins

Dr. Mario Loomis, Polo
Dwight Lowry, Baseball
Becky Lucidi, LPGA Tour player
Boothe Lusteg, Football
Rick Lyle, Football, Jets
Jim Lynch, Football, Chiefs
Anthony Lynn, Football, Broncos
Mitch Lyons, Football, Steelers
Cindy Mackey, Golf
Deon Maddox, Football, Lions
Mike Malczyk, Football, New York Giants
Greg Manusky, Football, Chiefs

Wellington Mara, New York Giants, Owner
Scott Marsh, Soccer, New York Red Bulls
Curtis Martin, Football, Jets
George Martin, Football, Giants
Lonnie Marts, Football, Jaguars
Scott Matheny, Football, Jets, Chaplain
Clint Mathis, Soccer, New York Red Bulls
Vinny Massaro, Football, Pace Univ.
John Maurer, Football, Bears, Chaplain
Kevin Mawae, Football, Jets
Charlotte Mayorkas, LPGA Tour player

Molly McCarthy, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Skip McClendon, Football, Colts
Phil McConkey, Football, Giants
Mike McCoy, Football, Packers
Freeman McNeill, Football, Jets
Oddibe McDowell, Baseball, Rangers
Ray McElroy, Football, Colts
Curtis McGriff, Football, Giants

George McGovern, Football, Giants, Chaplain
Maire McGrail, Swimming, Manhattan College
Scooter McGruder, Football, Patriots
Bobby Meacham, Baseball
Brian Meade, Football, Pace Univ.
Pete Metzelaars, Football, Bills
Sam Mickens, Football, Pace Univ.
Matt Mieske, Baseball, Brewers

Glyn Milburn, Football, Bears
Matt Millen, Football, TV Announcer
Alec Millen, Football
Madeline Mims, 4 time Olympian
Kory Minor, Football, Colts
Charles Mincy, Football, Raiders
Pete Monty, Football, Giants

Rich Moran, Football, Packers
Darryl Morrison, Football, Redskins
Ken Moyer, Football, Bengals, Chaplain
Joe Mullen, Hockey, Penguins
Mike Munoz, Baseball, Rockies
Mike Myers - New York Yankees
Eric Namesnick, Olympic Swimmer, USA, Silver Medalist
Mike Nelms, Football, Redskins

Karl Nelson, Football, Giants
Steve Newman, Football, Packers, Chaplain
Trot Nixon, Baseball, Boston Red Sox
Matt Nokes, Baseball
Bart Oates, Football, Giants
Roman Oben, Football, Giants
Elaina Oden, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Jason Odom, Football, Buccaneers

Mike O’Donnell, Football, Coach, Stepinac High School
Walter Olsewski, Swimming, Coach, Manhattan College
Burgess Owens, Football, Raiders
Montell Owens, Football, Jaguars FB
Jeff Parke, Soccer, New York Red Bulls
Johnny Parker, Football, Patriots, Coach
Rick Parker, Baseball
Erin Parnell, Swimming, Manhattan College
Jeff Patton, Football, Chaplain
Bryce Paup, Football, Jaguars

John Piersma, Swimming, Univ. of Michigan
Andy Pettitte, Baseball, Yankees
Caroline Pierce, Golf
Anthony Pleasant, Football, New England Patriots
Carl D. Powell, Football, Cincinatti Bengals
Andrew Prater, Baseball, Marlins
Shelton Quarles, Football, Buccaneers
Bill Rader, Football, Broncos, Chaplain

Joe Reed, Football
Carl Reeves, Football, Bears
Frank Reich, Football, Lions
Fuad Reveiz, Football, Vikings
Jim Richardson, Swimming, Coach, Univ. of Michigan
Linda Riker, Swimming, Univ. of Michigan
Jim Ritcher, Football, Bills
Stacy Robinson, Football, Giants

Mark Rodenhauser, Football, Steelers
Lee Rouson, Football, Giants
Ann Rowland, Soccer, St. John’s Univ.
Tom Roy, Baseball, Chaplain
Ken Ruettgers, Football, Packers
Jerome Sally, Football, Giants
Kristen Samp, LPGA Tour player
Emily Schiebout, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Stephen Schmalhofer, Yale University football
Jay Schroeder, Football, Redskins

Jim Schwantz, Football, 49ers
Lance Scott, Football, Giants
John Scully, Football, Falcons
Jason Sehorn, Football, Giants
Kevin Seitzer, Baseball, Indians
Laura Stettin, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Matt Stewart, Football, Cleveland Browns
Steve Sewell, Football, Broncos
John Shannon, Football, Bears

Danny Sheaffer, Baseball, Rockies
Mike Sheppard, Baseball, Seaton Hall Coach
Clay Shiver, Football, Cowboys
Heather Shouldis, Soccer, St. John’s Univ.
Don Silvestri, Football, Jets
Phil Simms, Football, Giants
Mike Singletary, Football, Bears
Aaron Small - New York Yankees

Fred Smerlas, Football, Patriots
Vernice Smith, Football, Redskins
Marcus Spears, Football, Bears
Mike Stensrud, Football, Chiefs
Steve Stenstrom, Football, 49ers
Cris Stevens, Golf, Chaplain
Kurt Stillwell, Football
Robert Stokes, Football

Dee Dee Stone, Football, Cowboys Cheerleader
Ian Stone, Soccer, St. John’s Univ.
Matt Stover, Football, Colts
John Stowers, Football, Pace Univ.
Lisa Strom, LPGA Tour player
Rick Strom, Football, Steelers
Suzanne Strudwick, Golf
Dave Swanson, Baseball, Chaplain
Kevin Swayne, Football, Jets

Mike Sweeney, Baseball, Royals
Dave Szott, Football, Chiefs
Frank Tanana, Baseball, Tigers
Sheila Taormina, Olympic Swimmer, USA Gold Medalist
Gladstone Taylor, Football, Northwestern Univ.
Jay Taylor, Football, Chiefs
Nancy Taylor, Golf
William Thierfelder, Olympic Runner, Ireland

John Thierry, Football, Bears
Marvin Thomas, Football, Lions
Chris Thompson, Football
Mark Thurmond, Baseball, Orioles
Jay Tibbs, Baseball
Adam Timmerman, Football, Rams
Michael Timpson, Football, Bears
Rob Tobeck, Football, Falcons

Lindsay Treadwell, Volleyball, Notre Dame
Justin Tuck, New York Giants
Scott Turner, Football, Redskins
David Tyree - New York Giants

Jay Underwood, Football, Notre Dame
John Urbanchek, Swimming, Coach, Univ. of Michigan
John VanBiesbrouk, Coach, Rangers
Alex VanDyke, Football, Jets
Joe Vide, Soccer, New York Red Bulls

Ed Vosberg, Baseball, Rangers
Bryan Wagner, Football
Darnell Walker, Football, Falcons
Frank B. Walker II, Football, New York Giants
Herschel Walker, Football, Cowboys
Wendy Ward, LPGA Tour player
David Ware, Football
Clifton Washburn, Football, New York Giants
Preston Watts, Football, Pace Univ.

Charles Way, Football, Giants
John Weber, Football, Cowboys, Chaplain
Mike Weddington, Football
Bill Wegman, Baseball, Brewers
Mickey Weston, Baseball
Mark Wheeler, Football, Patriots
Reggie White, Football, Packers
William White, Football, Falcons

Jason Whittle, Football, Giants
Casey Wigman, Football, Bears
Eric Williams, Football, Lions
Jay Williams, Football, Pace Univ.
Kimberly Williams, Golf
Pat Williams, Basketball, GM, Magic
Dave Wilson, Football, Lions, Chaplain
Jay Wilson, Football, Steelers, Chaplain
Kamerion Wimbley, Football, Cleveland Browns
Steve Wisniewski, Football, Raiders
Ron Wolfley, Football, Rams
Sharon Wunder, Swimming, Manhattan College
Shaumbe Wright-Fair, Football, Pace Univ.
Craig Wycynsky, Cleveland Browns
John Zacharella, Pace Univ.
Joe Zelenka, Football, Jaguars LS/TE

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