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What does a good player who is also a good person look like? They have courage. They will do difficult things when they know that it is the right thing to do. For example: they will get themselves into shape; they will try to learn new skills; and they won’t let nervousness keep them from competing, (it is okay to be scared but it is not okay to be a coward.) Everyone experiences such difficulties and courage helps them to overcome them. Courage is the strength of character that allows us to rise to the occasion – even when it is difficult and maybe even a little scary.


We acquire this virtue, like all virtues in small steps. We develop good habits, that over time, help us to take on larger challenges in the future. For example, if we have the courage to get off the couch and exercise, we will then be in better physical shape to try new skills, and if we practice news skills we will slowly develop the courage to compete against other players in a game. Can you think of other situations where this virtue is helpful?

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