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Good Judgement


Good Judgment is our most valuable character trait. It is also called prudence, and when it is combined with the knowledge of God it is called wisdom.


Good judgment controls the other virtues. It helps us to do the right thing, at the right time, and in the right way. It is hard to develop. But if we think BEFORE we act, and consider how our actions will affect others, we will be on our way to making good judgments.


It is also helpful to ask advice from people whom we know to have good judgment. Such people are reliable sources. They are not necessarily the friends we hang around with. Rather they are those who genuinely care for us and know something about the issue we face. They are also people who aren’t afraid to tell us “no”. Our friends are oftentimes too willing to tell us what we want to hear


Prayer is also a good thing to do before making a decision. God is our most reliable source. No one loves us, or cares for us as much as He does.



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