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I recently joined some ladies on the pro golf circuit for their regularly scheduled Bible Study this summer. The Symetra Tour is related to the Ladies Professional Golfers Association. As I understand it, the best of the former get to move up to play for bigger prizes in the LPGA.

It was quite a change from an NFL clubhouse. What struck me was the different ways these sports related to the Life Athletes Commitment. In the NFL sheer will power and strength are highly valued. Whereas in golf one must fight hard against the impulse to “grip it and rip it.” Perfecting your swing is where it is at; you don’t have to swing hard. You simply trust your swing and the club.

What does that have to do with the Life Athletes Commitment? The ladies Bible Study was the perfect venue for discussing how trust in God is the key for having great relationships. He made us, and created our natures. Although every one of us is unique, we share a common nature. And since God is love he cannot help but tell us what is best for our natures. Some might think calling it “God’s law” sounds harsh. But to others of us who desire to know the truth – it is a comfort.

God’s law is nothing other than how things really are. We don’t want propaganda or other people’s opinions of how things should be as much as we want to know ‘who we are’, ‘where we came from’ and ‘where we are going’. These are not questions crazy people ask themselves. These are questions wise people have always asked themselves. And it is Jesus who reveals us to ourselves.

So learning the basic principles of being a human being and trusting in God’s Word, is not unlike learning the mechanics of a good swing and trusting the club to do the work. I am thankful to the ladies of the Tour Fellowship for their gracious hospitality and for teaching me this important insight.

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