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Talent & Heart

Young football players from 31 different schools from 3 different states attended our unique "Football Challenge" experience at St. Joseph's High School in South Bend. They were not only timed and measured, but their skills were developed by some of the best coaches in the city. Most importantly they learned the secret to winning. Chris Godfrey recounted a story he heard from his coach, Bill Parcells who shared something another Hall of Fame Coach said at a coaches meeting. When asked the secret to winning teams Coach Chuck Noll answered that "Your good players have to be good people."

Godfrey went on to explain how we are made up of both talent and heart. "Our talent is God-given," he said. "But our characters are something we make for ourselves through the choices we make in life. The quality of our character is what determines our winning or losing."

The camp was made possible by grants from the National Football League's Youth Foundation and the Knights of Columbus.

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