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Our 2014 Football Challenge drew almost 150 boys from over 50 different schools and 5 different states. Among other things we shared with them the secret of winning football teams according to the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll (he won 4 Super Bowls).


He said, “The secret to having a good football team is that your good players are good people.” Although we did not have time to elaborate on what being “good” meant, we did share two helpful  ideas: to think before you act, and to consider how your actions (or inactions) will affect others.






















The Big 4


In later emails we spoke of four important character traits that make up a “good” person: Courage, Moderation, Fair Play and Good Judgment.


Every time we choose good over evil, we get a little stronger. If we do it enough we form a good habit. And good habits are called virtues. On the other hand, every time we choose evil we grow weaker, and if we do it enough we form a bad habit, and these are called vices.


We all have different strengths and weakness. And like a football player who practices to improve their athletic skills, we can “practice” good habits to become better people.


Please take a look for yourself by clicking the links.


The "Secret" of Winning Teams

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